• Over the last several days, I am sure the people living in America’s ‘tornado alley’ thought the Rapture had come and they were left behind. The sheer extent of the damage, including the whipping out of Joplin, MO is incomprehensible. Then there is the flooding in Manitoba and Quebec closer to home. No doubt our horrid winter is extending into a very cold spring.
  • Today it was announced Auditor-General of Canada, Shelia Fraser, is retiring. She is one Ottawa bureaucrat who has earned her salary. She has faithfully reported one spending scandal after another to the Canadian public. She also had a rare quality of being fair and respected by all politicians, no matter the political stripe. She has always reported the bottom-line in a fair and accurate way. I worry that a majority Conservative government will try to bring in someone who is less tenacious.
  • At some point in the history of our property, it appears that someone decided to bury garbage. We have broken glass and metal coming up through the ground probably due to all the rain we have had. Sienna just about sliced off a pad from her front leg. Who would bury garbage? She needed 4 stitches but may lose the pad anyway. It is the one higher up on the leg.
  • So far at The Swamp we have avoided any weather-related disasters. If it would just stop raining we might lose the quicksand in the back 40. Seriously, if you go back there you would likely sink. At least Deb and Angelina got both the front and back mowed while it was dry as we brace for more monsoons. I really hope it dries up before my mother comes because the septic is a bit smelly.

One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘it’s not the Rapture but something worse’ edition

  1. We have had our house for less than a year and I have done quite a bit of gardening. I have found a lot of the following: cigarette buts (gross), glass, plastic, metal and other assorted garbage. Ewwww…. oh and a lot of rusty nails. I have no idea why people would bury garbage? And we have a pick up service here unlike in the Ridge!

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