• I have a question: Why is it that horse-riders don’t have to pick up horse shit? When we walk our dogs and they crap we have to pick it up. Horses leave huge piles of excrement all over the sides of the road around our house. Does anyone know why they are allowed to leave the horse dung everywhere?
She looks so sweet!
  • Anyone who has ever lived with a Shihtzu can attest to their cuteness and their love of all things comfortable. And, if they are being honest, they will also tell you about how tenacious and stubborn they are too. I have lived with a couple of Shihtzus and all have demonstrated these qualities. Zoe, however, takes the ‘stubborn’ and ‘tenacious’ to new levels. I have never seen a dog who is singularly focused on getting her way. Every night, when I have dinner, Zoe relentlessly paws at me while trying to get my food. It does not matter what I do she does not stop. I push her down, away and tell her ‘no’ all to no avail. She just intensifies her efforts. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. She is also never where she wants to be. She wants into Deb’s office, she wants out. She is so tenacious; none of us humans ever win. I suppose after spending her first 9 years in a puppy mill, pumping out the babies and being exploited by humans, it is only that she get to do whatever the hell she wants to now.
This is her true disposition!! She is EVIL!!! We love her anyway!
  • Speaking of Zoe – she has an abscess at the base of her tail. We are pretty sure it was one of the keratin-filled pustules she gets from time to time. I don’t know why this one infected however a couple of hot compresses and some antibiotic ointment it is looking pretty good. Zoe seems to be quite prone to these kinds of things. I think it is likely due to her years of poor nutrition.
  • Sawyer is doing really well. His toilet training is coming along very well. He certainly is getting it now. He continues to be a real joy to everyone he meets!
Sweet, sweet Sawyer!

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