Today, big things and specifically big, slow things have been the bane of my existence. Today driving was an absolute chore. There are days when you just long to break away from all the traffic and at least get a little but of time when one can travel unimpeded by all the traffic. Most days, I get this freedom at least during part of my commute. Today? Not so much.

We live in far country. This is the time of year when the farmers with big blueberry fields start moving their equipment around. Most of the equipment is big and today it was really, really big. I don’t know what type of machine it was and getting around it was impossible. So we drove slowly, very, very, slowly.

Then I got caught in normal slow traffic, the trucks, and the people who drive in tandem so no one can get by. All the way on the Mary Hill Bypass, it felt like my legs were just dying to break free and press the pedal to the metal! Then there was an ambulance, parked horizontally across a lane and a half. It took forever for everyone to get past the ambulance.

Finally, I got on the highway. It was also backed up. After a while, I saw some flashing lights. Up ahead, there was a wide load that was travelling in both lanes of the highway! Seriously, both freaking lanes! I contemplated going into the HOV lane to get by but I just can’t break the law in such an obvious way. It was so utterly painful. The truck kept varying speed, which made it even more difficult to handle. Thankfully, I was going to the doctor and I got off on Willingdon.

There are days I really hate my commute.


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