While I am on the cruise to Alaska with my mother, I have scheduled some things to post in case I can’t get internet for some reason. I do intend to post though if it is possible. I just don’t want to forget!

I thought a really good way to accomplish goal would be to have a theme. A lot of people ask me for recipes for curry so I thought I would post a recipe along with some extra information to expand on it.

One of the most important things about cooking curry is to understand the role of the torka.[1] The torka is made up of onions, garlic, ginger and spices and forms the base of almost all Indian dishes. Torkas generally start with the onions. Many recipes will tell you that you can cook the onions in a few minutes. This is a lie. It takes quite a while to cook the onions down to a state where they can be used. It should be done on a low heat. The onions should only barely brown and be translucent. Once you have the onions cooked you need to add the pureed garlic, ginger and green chilli chutney. You let this simmer for a while until they are well mixed together. Then you add the spices and let them cook for a while. You can’t just add spices to curries they must be cooked in a torka.

Another important consideration is what you use to cook the torka in. I have used oil but I find that it makes the onions tough. I have never used ghee[2] but I suspect it would be the best. Generally I use butter. You can’t skimp on the butter either. There needs to be enough of it so that the torka is like a paste when it is done.

Check back for the first recipe tomorrow. I will post one a day culminating with the butter chicken recipe at the end!



[1] I have no idea if that is the spelling. I was told the name by a friend and how to make it.

[2] Clarified butter.


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