Alaskan Cruise – Day 3

Last night we had dinner with a couple from Texas. Of course Sarah Palin came up because I had to comment about waving to Sarah Palin as we went by on the ship. Apparently he was a Palin supporter. He was extremely condescending to my mother and me basically saying that we believed everything we heard about Palin in the media. He then went off about our health care system and how they had much more freedom with their system. Ever the smart ass, I had to inform him that in fact they do not have freedom to choose their doctors if the are in an HMO, which most Americans are. If they want to choose a doctor outside of their HMO network, generally they must pay out of pocket. We may have waitlists for elective surgeries, however if you are very sick and you need care our system is outstanding. The most important thing about our system: you will not have to mortgage your house or go bankrupt if you have a critical illness.

Last night we saw the ship’s entertainers do some Broadway numbers. I was not very impressed to say the least. We may try some of the other shows to see if there is anything better. We also played bingo yesterday and didn’t win. Today, I played Team Trivia again and my team won today!!! Woo hoo! I am now the proud winner of a Holland America Rubik’s Cube. I suspect I will never play with it as I lack the patience to every put them back correctly. The only way I could do it as a kid was to take the thing apart and cheat.

Right now we are docked in beautiful Juneau, AK. This morning we went in and out of Tracey’s Arm which was absolutely breathtaking. My mother decided I needed to be woken up to see the icebergs. There were many of them all over the place. None were that big to prompt a panic call of : “iceberg ahead!”

We go whale watching this evening while in Juneau. It has been very cold since we left Vancouver. Today in Juneau though it is warm enough to sit outside on the verandah, which is where I am typing this blog entry. It is a bit cool but that is fine by me. I was a little concerned I was going to freeze because I only have a light windbreaker and no sweaters. I should be fine after all. Hopefully we see a lot of whales. There have been some reported sightings this morning already.

We are here in Juneau until 10 pm tonight then it is on to Skagway. We cancelled the tour that was going to have us be somewhere at 7:30 am on my birthday. Instead, I am getting a massage and my mother is getting her hair done. Should be a pretty chill day.

We have taken some pictures but it will take too long to upload them and I will run out of internet minutes. The wi-fi setup here is reminding me of dialup!


One thought on “Alaskan Cruise – Day 3

  1. So in American, “barbarism”–and that is exactly what Ami “healthcare” is, along with despicable–translates to “freedom,” eh.

    My recent 9-day hospital stay here in Calgary (for a GI-tract/small bowel issue), all the services and care I got during, and the follow-up testing will cost me exactly…Zero.

    That’s right, fuck-all.

    Thanks Yankee, but you can keep your “freedom,” I’m damned glad I live in a civilised country.

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