My mother woke me up at 8:30 so I could see the glaciers. Well they didn’t really show up for about an hour. It was tremendous. It looked a little bit like some of the glaciers you see in Antarctica. I took pictures and, if I ever get internet, I will upload them. I think we are too deep into the mountains to get a satellite connection. They have a deal on the net tonight – you can be on for 20 minutes and they will only charge for 10 minutes. My minutes are getting a little scarce and I don’t want to pay any more money on it.

Glacier Bay has been absolutely stunning. We ate breakfast looking at the Martha Glacier.[1] I am sitting outside on our deck right now as I write this blog entry. It was warm when we were in the sun but we just lost it as the boat is spinning slowly to give everyone a view of the next glacier. I was not very bright and did not bring a heavy enough coat so I have on my red formal jacket and my windbreaker. I will be happy when the sun comes back around.

Interestingly my ulcerative colitis has been excellent. I have not had any breakthrough pain since I got on the ship. I have only needed the lowest dose of long-acting morphine. My anxiety has been fine. I did have a little attack yesterday though when my mother decided to bring up how I had run away as a young teenager and how hard that was for her. I decided to just let it go as she remembers things the way she does. She is not very understanding and she finds it hard to empathize. I did find out though that my step brother-in-law[2] who had attacked me a couple of times as a teenager had also done it to my sister. My sister also did not tell my mother until recently.

The biggest breakthrough we have made on this trip is her realizing that I do not eat enough to maintain my weight. She now thinks I don’t eat enough. Perhaps this illumination will get her off of my case and have her finally realize that I have a serious metabolic issue. Not only do I not very much, my body is not able to absorb everything because of ulcerative colitis. I am hopeful that the endocrinologist I will be seeing will be able to figure things out.

I could seriously get used to travelling on cruise ships. Sitting outside with my laptop and looking at the scenery is amazing. It is very relaxing. I have taken tons of pictures but I have decided to stop for a while and just enjoy the view.

[1] I believe that was its name. I will look it up though to confirm at some point today.

[2] His name was Grant. I seriously hate this man.


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