The clocks went forward an hour as we made our way back towards BC. This meant I got one hour less of sleep. Boo hoo for me! I slept until about 9:40 am. By the time I showered and dressed this meant we were a bit late for breakfast so all we got was cold cereal, which was just fine. I am getting a little tired of rich food.

We went for a special luncheon today for just the ‘suite’ guests. As we arrived to the dining room we ran into my former professor and his wife again, so we sat together. It was very enjoyable to talk about politics and other topics.

We went out into open waters today and the boat was rolling quite a bit. This was the most wave action we have seen since the cruise started. We were down shopping for jewelry when it was worst. It certainly made life interesting.

At the end of the cruise is when you decide what you are going to tip. This is particularly interesting given that we have had our own concierge and room stewards. My mother does not tip well. When I went to give the money to the Jean-Paul[1], I asked him to divide the money. He then asked me to put it into envelopes. When I went to divide the money, it seemed a pitiful amount that everyone was going to get. So I augmented the amount when my mother wasn’t looking. This would be on top of the $11 per day we already paid. Holland America says that they do this to make it easier for everyone. I really felt it was important to tip the people who have made our cruise great.

The crew has done a phenomenal job on this cruise. I have a great example to demonstrate how efficient the crew work. Since we embarked on the ship, I had been called ma’am and madam and Ms Shihtzustaff too many times. I said to one of them, please, please, just call me Christine. From that moment on every person who greeted me from room steward to the dining room called me Christine. I could not believe it!

I have some free time so I am going to run away now!

[1] I also gave them our bottle of champagne.


2 thoughts on “Day 7 – At sea today

  1. Those who have the means have a responsibility (morally, of course, not legally) to share with those who have less. I HATE cheap people, I hate entitled people even more.

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