• It has been almost 7 years since my stepfather passed away and twenty-two years since my adoptive father passed away. My adoptive father was an alcoholic who beat my brother and was abusive towards my mother. He never really had any kind of positive impact in my life. Instead, when I talk about my dad, I mean my stepfather. He was abusive when I was a child however, he mellowed as he aged and I was able to forgive him so we had a good relationship. He was a brilliant man who almost always had an answer to any question I asked him. I especially miss debating politics with him.
  • I happened to read Penmachinedad’s blog today. Derek K Miller’s dad writes this blog. My thoughts and condolences are with the family today as the face an unknown future without Derek.
  • I just spoke to my mother and she is having a really hard time breathing since she got back to Calgary. After spending almost 2 weeks at sea level she had a really hard time going back to Calgary, which is very high in altitude. She said she would not be coming out to visit again. Instead of thinking maybe she should quit smoking or use oxygen she blames it on the altitude at the coast. I wonder at what point she will actually figure out the solution to the problem.
  • Piper has been very close to me for the last couple of days. She has been sitting with me when I am in the living room. I missed her and I think she missed me too. She is such a good dog.

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