Well if anyone wondered how Stephen Harper would behave with a majority the questions are over now. The way he has legislated Canada Post Workers back to work. By imposing a lower amount than Canada Post offered he is insulting all working people in Canada. He has a good job with a good salary and, in typical Conservative fashion, he doesn’t care if workers can support their families.

Even though Harper promised a ‘kinder, gentler’ government it is clear it does not extend to public sector employees. This does not bode well for the other public service employees whose contracts are going to be up for negotiation. Yet the Harper Conservatives will happily cut corporate taxes. Does he not realize that it is working people, spending their wages that drives the economy? I am guessing he missed that day at economics school.

At least we have a robust opposition. Jack Layton and the NDP staged a 58-hour filibuster trying to stall the passing of the legislation. The purpose of the filibuster was to give Canada Post and the Union a chance to engage in more discussions. Unfortunately, Canada Post had nothing to gain by going back to the table because they knew that they would prevail when the government passed the legislation.

This is a horrible message for Harper to send to Canadians. He has completely undermined collective bargaining in the country. Unionized workers provide many of the services Canadians rely on. This country has been built by strong unions and the idea of a living wage for workers. The erosion of wages and benefits for the public workers will help to justify lower wages in the private sector. Yet again the Harper Conservatives are ignoring the fact that it is people spending money they earn that drives the economy.

As most of us know, there is no ‘kinder, gentler’ Stephen Harper. Sadly, we are just beginning Harper’s majority government. He will do a lot of damage in 4 years and we have given him a mandate to do just that. Harper is now accountable to no one for at least 4 years. He will continue his fear mongering, union busting, corporate tax cutting ways until he is thrown out of office.


One thought on “Stephen Harper Exposed

  1. On 3 August 1981, ca. 12,000 Air-Traffic-Controllers (ATCs) walked off their jobs throughout the United States.

    Then-President Ronald Reagan said that they were in violation of the law, and that they had 48h to get back to work, or they would all be fired. The ATCs didn’t, and Reagan did.

    This was the beginning of the now-near-total emasculation–if not outright destruction–of organised labour in America, the results of which we see to this day, and most accept as a fact of life.

    It’s 3 August 1981 in Canada now. (Smiles cynically) And they say there’s no such thing as time-travel, eh?

    Harper, by the way, is a 100% bog-standard wannabe-American Calgarian fucking raging douche-bagbag made good, nothing more to see there…

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