I have been convinced by Deb to take the antibiotics so I have started. I think it was the right decision. I am still having trouble breathing and can feel that my lungs are congested. I have 5 days to get feeling better before I am back to work. This illness is really colouring my view of the world. I just feel so crappy.

In other news – all the dogs are doing well. Our dogs are so well behaved it astounds me at times. This afternoon (I didn’t wake up until 1:30 pm) Kiefer, Sienna, Piper, Sawyer and Zoe all wanted outside. As soon as I opened the door, Diesel[1], started to bark scream. Piper ran the fence and barked for about 45 seconds then she stopped. Diesel continued until one of his people started to scream at him to stop. Zoe started and I asked her to stop, which she did immediately. Meanwhile the rest of the dogs were just frolicking and running and not barking. It must make the neighbours crazy how well behaved our crew is outside. Our saving grace over the years of having many dogs at a time is that we have never allowed txhem to bark outside. We try to be as considerate as possible when it comes to the neighbours.

She just ate something good!

Right now Zoe[2] is harassing me for my dinner. She is absolutely relentless. This is a daily ritual. First she starts by pawing at my leg. When that is ineffectual she does it harder while growling and barking at me. If I recline my chair then she jumps up and starts climbing up on me. We have learned that we can never win with her. I am guessing she needed all this tenacity to survive her previous life where she was made to produce puppies. Now, she is queen of the Swamp and couldn’t be happier!

The 'eye'


She is so cute!

[1] The barking machine who lives next door.

[2] Whose nickname right now is ‘Cindy Lou Who’ because of how her hair is cut. She is actually answering to Cindy right now.


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