I have a confession to make. I am a back up freak. If you saw my desk you would see 3, 1tb drives and 1, 2tb drive. I need all of these because of my huge and growing digital library. I have, in essence, become a digital hoarder.

The main hard drive on my iMac is only 500gb. When I bought it, I could not imagine filling that space. Then I got an Apple TV for Christmas a couple of years ago. I was then faced with the fact that my digital collection was starting to grow. I already 5,000-song library and now I have added oodles of TV seasons, movies and documentaries to my collection.

The other day Deb wanted to see a documentary that I knew I had downloaded but moved to another drive because I can’t hold them all on my internal hard drive. I went searching through all my backup drives and I couldn’t find it. It turned out that my 2tb drive had died. It wouldn’t spin up or show any kind of connection to the computer. I changed the USB cable, I tried a Firewire cable and nothing worked. I also checked Apple’s Time Machine but those back ups only go back to March.

About 10 months ago or so, I signed up with Mozy, which is an online backup system. It backs up your entire computer. I didn’t realize it right away but I had also backed up all my back up drives. So today, when I had a little time, I checked what was available on Mozy and sure enough, there was the documentary I was looking for. I have now downloaded it again. When I replace that backup drive, I will just be able to completely restore everything that was on it.

Backing things up does not have to be difficult or onerous. I rotate my iTunes back ups amongst 3 drives. This means I always have at least two iterations of my iTunes library at any time. I had to pay for Mozy but it did its thing in the background and when my computer was idle. I didn’t even notice it for the most part. I think it took a couple of months before every thing was finally backed up. Retrieving it was super easy as well. All of my documents are stored in Dropbox and on 3 computers. They are also backed up on Mozy.

I am pleased how easy it was to restore a file. I am not at all concerned now about something happening as I know it will be easy to restore files. It may take a very long time but that is better than never getting them back in the case of a catastrophic failure. Most experts recommend backing everything up twice. One backup stays on site and the other is somewhere else. While you can do this with multiple hard drives, I think Mozy is less expensive and easier.


2 thoughts on “Rewarded

  1. Chris, I have privacy concerns about backing up online and using the cloud. How have you come to terms with that?
    Also, very glad you’re taking antibiotics.

    1. What are your concerns about backing up in the cloud? I have no issues with the cloud at all. In fact, it is going to be the future of data storage. Apple will be unveiling iCloud sometime soon which will allow us to store all of our music in the cloud so that it can be pushed to any device or computer.

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