This came up as one of the topics suggested by WordPress so I thought I would grab it. Some days it is hard to come up with blog worthy topics! I do have to say though that having C in my life for many years enhanced it.

I first met C when I was 12. We met at Louis Riel Junior High School in Calgary. Neither of us really fit in so we hung out together. We were completely opposite. We lived on the same street and it was always quicker to go there and out their back door as it cut off about 2 blocks on the way to school. One of the first things I noticed was that their house looked like it was from one of the hoarding shows. There were dirty dishes in the kitchen and stuff everywhere. We both lived a similar life with abusive stepfathers. Although, I am sure hers was worse than mine. Regardless, we both led lives of quiet desperation due to all the abuse in our families.

Together C and I were EVIL. She was extremely creative at doing things her parents did not want her to do. She hid cigarettes in a hollowed out book, which was brilliant. We would eat lunch at her house because we were locked out of our house until my parents came home. My mother figured it out quickly that C and I were bad together. She would forbid me to see her but I would ignore her. When I started to run away from home later in the school year, I would spend the night at C’s house in the basement. I am pretty sure that at some point my parents threatened to sue her parents if they let me go there anymore.

Almost as soon as we were adults we began to live together. There was always some tension and competition between us. For some reason, men were drawn to C in such a way that I could never really understand. I had not quite come out yet so it really did not matter to me that she got all the attention. She also milked the attention for all she could get. Men would pay her rent, by her groceries and look after her in general. I definitely benefited from this situation.

Now onto the weirdness – C was weird. She kept all sorts of strange animals like lizards and snakes. She read fantasy and science fiction and she always had a book with her. She was also into the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). She would go to these events in a completely different persona. She wore elaborate costumes. I went a few times but it really did not do much for me.

As the years went by things got weirder with C. She got married and they had a child. C never wanted to be a mother and she had serious difficulties. Their house was out of control long before the baby came and it got much, much worse. C resented being stuck at home with a baby so as soon as she could she would go away for weekends and leave the boy with his father.

I cannot stress how bad the house was. She always blamed it on her husband. There was stuff everywhere and always something rotting. If you sat at the table there was nowhere to put down a glass. Their fridge was a science experiment and I would not eat anything there I did not bring in.

Then things got even weirder. She started to get into S & M. They opened up their marriage however it really meant that C was free to do whatever she wanted with whomever she wanted and he stayed home with the child.

I have not seen her years. I think ultimately our values were just too different to sustain a relationship past our thirties. I completely lost respect for her and I felt bad for her husband. When I was younger she certainly played a large role in my life. We were EVIL together as I mentioned before. I would think of things to do and she would implement. Just what every teenager needs!

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