I fail to understand why people leave their dogs in the car in the summer. I mean seriously what the fuck are they thinking? It is not like bringing the dog with you is a passive act. In our house whenever someone goes to the door to leave there is a very loud parade. All the dogs rush the gate in a cacophony of expectation. Before we decide if we are taking someone with us we consider the outdoor temperature, the activities we have planned and make a decision about taking a dog. If we are going somewhere that will require the dog being alone for a long period of time then generally the dogs don’t go. The only time we take dogs in the heat is when two of us are going and one of us is staying in the vehicle with the dogs.  Once we have decided someone is coming with us, we have to leash him or her and then get them into the vehicle. You just don’t accidentally take a dog with you.

Apparently some idiot left his dog Harley in a vehicle in the Toronto area today while he went to visit his wife in the hospital. I saw a news report that showed that the temperature in the car went to over 40 degrees Celsius. Who does that?

In other stupidly related news, a baby was rescued from a locked car in Kelowna today. Like dogs, babies cannot regulate their temperatures. While babies have opposable thumbs, they lack the fine motor control to open the door or the window. Again, taking a baby with you is not done accidentally. The case in Kelowna is even more disturbing in that the two women who were in the car, one of whom was the baby’s mother, said they had only gone into Zellers for 10 minutes. Again, what the fuck? Who does these things?

Please, everyone, if you have a baby or a dog don’t leave it in your car in the heat unless you want a dead baby or dog.


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