We decided to fly into Cowtown tonight rather than having to get up at the crack of dawn. We are staying at the Delta Calgary Airport hotel. I was told there was wifi in the hotel however it does not reach to the floors where the deluxe rooms are. We could get a wired connection but I decided not to bring a laptop. Very annoying. Apple really should add an ethernet port to the iPad.

I am typing this blog on my iPhone. At least I have a wireless keyboard to type on it. Typing on the tiny iPhone screen feels a bit like roughing it. I am such a princess!

I have been wondering why William and Catherine were made a Duke and Duchess rather than a Prince and Princess. It really does not seem to make sense that he would lose the title of Prince after having it all of his life. Any Monarchists out there who can explain this to me? I digress.

Anyway, we hope this trip goes well. The wild card, as usual, is my sister. She has been quite out of control lately. We have no control over her behavior. The only we can do is govern ourselves appropriately and hope that she finally figures out that she needs to pull it together.

Wish us luck!


One thought on “In Calgary

  1. Good luck! I heard something about that if they were to call Catherine “princess” it would elevate her above Camilla, and I guess that’s not on until Charles passes away. The queen always gives titles out, though; her sons Edward and Andrew are earl and duke respectively but they are referred to as the earl and duke of so-and-so, and so are their wives.

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