On our way to my mother’s we stopped for a chocolate cheesecake for her birthday. This was not any cheese cake but a Bernard Callebeaut chocolate cheesecake. I thought it was ok but a little too rich for my liking. Plus, I am not really a big chocolate fan. I would much rather have something far less sweet and fruity. I love cherry cheesecake or strawberry. Although I do have to confess that they ‘Rolo’ cheesecake looked mighty fine!

Once we arrived we made up a cheese plate with crackers. Deb had this amazing cheese plate at the Delta hotel last night. The presentation was awesome. I should have taken a picture but I didn’t think of it. We were tired and pretty stressed out and hungry. I had a beef dip and managed about 4 bites and that was it. I am not sure why I bothered.

Anyway, the w00t part of this post is about a topaz ring my mother bought on the cruise. She bought it knowing it would have to be sized as it was too big. When she took it in to get it sized she was told they couldn’t make it smaller as it would compromise the structural integrity and make the stones lose. She was showing it to me and I decided to try it on. Well, it fit me perfectly! I have never had a ring like this before. The setting is very high and it is very big. I love it! It catches the light very well. And we all know how much I love shiny things!!!

We did have dinner with my sister, who, in spite of melting down earlier on the phone, held it together. We also got to see my step-sister and her husband. We always enjoy getting together with them. They are fundamentalist Christian but we don’t hold it against them!!! To their credit, they do not proselytize.

Anyways, must sign off as I am being asked what I am doing for 10 minutes on the iPad with a keyboard. ‘What are you writing?’ ‘Who are you emailing.’ Not much more to add at this point. I will post a picture of the ring, on my hand, once we get home.


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