I love computers. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love computers. Today my sweetie and I fulfilled a want I have had for a very long time. We went and bought me a Mac Pro with a 27-inch cinema display. Did I need this computer, probably not? But boy did I want it!!! Every once in a while I would go to the Apple website and build my dream computer. I always thought I would buy it from the website but we found out it could all be done at a local Apple store. What made it even sweeter was that I could get it upgraded today and pick it up today!

After I was done work tasks for the day, Deb and I went to the Apple store in Richmond. I have never been to an official Apple store. It seemed like this store was like a destination where people go to hang out. It was packed!

When we got there someone helped me right away. I wanted the Quad-core Mac Pro with 12gbs of RAM and 2(two) 2-TB drives. I got all of that plus the original 1TB drive that came with it. Right now, I am using migration assistant to transfer all the data from iMac to the Mac Pro. It is going to take a couple of hours to transfer all the data. This is one thing I absolutely adore about Macs – getting a new one is painless. You transfer your data and the new computer is ready to use. It is unnecessary to reinstall all of your software. It is a much better system than Windows.

I have a lot of work to get done over the next 2 days and I am actually looking forward to doing it on my new, skookum computer!!! Deb, thank you for knowing what I want and helping me get it. I love you.


One thought on “Fun Day!!!

  1. You, my love, deserve nothing but the best that life has to offer. I’m glad your new toy has made you so happy. Seeing the look of pure joy on your face when we picked up this monster was a gift from your heart to mine. I love you, Chris. Always have, always will.

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