• Today the CBC ran a report about drunk driving. Apparently, since the changes were made to the impaired driving legislation,[1] the number of impaired driving charges has been cut in half. While this is good news, it is not good enough. Drunk drivers are inherently selfish people and driving under the influence is the ultimate selfish act. Choosing to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol should not even be an option. People who do this have a serious problem with their moral compasses. I would love to hear from people who have their cars impounded because they blow over .05 just exactly why they did it. Do they lack problem-solving skills? Can they not decide to leave their cars at the office, go drinking and take a cab or transit home? What about forming drinking clubs and rotate a designated driver. If people can take the time to plan to go out drinking why can’t they take the same amount of time to make sure they will not kill someone on their way home. I think we need to change the licensing criteria in this country. Before someone is given a driver’s license they should have to watch videos delineating the trauma people go through after a drunk driver has killed someone they love. Failing that – every car should be equipped with a Breathalyzer that the driver must blow into. If the driver has been drinking then the car will not start. It would be a small inconvenience to pay to prevent drunks on our roads. </rant>
  • Clio’s health has deteriorated over the last couple of days. Her appetite is down but she is still eating cooked steak, which is great. She is sleeping a lot more and seems more unsteady on her feet. She is not coughing so I suspect her kidneys are crapping out due to the Lasix. So far she is not vomiting nor does she seem to have diarrhea. We will monitor her closely and take her in to the vet’s if she is in distress. We will try to avoid taking her in as it really distresses her. We may arrange for the vet to come here instead. We are not quite there yet. Clio is a fighter. From the minute she was born, this dog has had to fight. Born blind and brain-damaged, Clio struggled. From what we can tell, Clio was left to languish in a crate and rarely (if ever) let out.[2] Ironically, the best thing that happened to her was when she was tossed from a moving vehicle. She was then picked up by a kind person and taken to the Vancouver Animal Shelter. It was then that she came home with Deb. Originally not even sure she would survive she was so distressed. She was almost completely feral. She had never known the kindness of a human tough. By the time she understood people and had formed relationships with us it was too hard to let her be adopted out. I couldn’t imagine her feeling like we had abandoned her, so Clio was a foster failure. Clio became a member of the pack. Clio has never been an easy dog. She bites if you try to groom her. She rarely sits still when she wants to be held but there is something about her chutzpah that I have admired for over 10 years. Clio is a fighter and she is not ready to give up yet.


[1] This would be the legislation that saw consequences for driving under the influence begin at .05. There was a great deal of protest around this change from restaurants and bars as people may not stop at happy hour and have a couple of drinks before they go home.

[2] The backyard breeders who did this to her deserve to rot in hell forever.


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