I am weird. I got up early[1] this morning because I was looking forward to doing some work on my new computer. I was excited to get work done all because of my new, very, very, fast Mac Pro. The report I am doing requires that I use Microsoft Access. For some reason, Microsoft has never developed Access for the Mac. We can have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Outlook but we can’t have Access.

So, if you use a Mac because you can no longer stand to use Windows everyday but you still need to run Access you need a fast computer. There are a couple of ways you can do this: you can use Apple Bootcamp and set up a separate partition. Windows will run quite well there but you then have to log out of Mac OS. There is a better solution. There is software that allows you to run Windows within Mac OS X. I use Parallels.

On my iMac, loading Parallels and starting Windows would take about 7-10 minutes to completely load. While Windows was loading, my computer literally ground to a halt – I couldn’t do anything. Once it was up and Access was open, I could get the data I needed but it was very slow. If I switched back and forth between Mac OS and Windows it would take a very long time. Sometimes my computer would completely freeze and I would have to shut down in order to get it back.

With the Mac Pro, it is completely different. Running Windows in Parallels is just like running any other program. Windows launches quickly and there is no difficulty going between each OS. This makes my life so much easier as there are many times I need to get into Windows.


[1] Now I realize that early is relative. Early for me was 10:15 am.


One thought on “In case there was any doubt

  1. I take exception t o your opening salvo. You are NOT wierd.
    You are really, REALLY weird.
    But that’s probably why I like you so much…

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