I had been feeling quite well for the last several days. I was getting lots of sleep and not leaving the house. I had been finishing up some reports for work and that was going well to, up until yesterday. I had a horrible bowel day. I was in extreme pain for about 3 hours. These days are extremely difficult to me plus I had to go and do a bunch of errands that really could not wait. So I dragged myself out of the house and felt really sick all day.

Today I had a mentoring meeting to attend. I was really looking forward to going but I was also extremely tired. We had also decided to spend the night in a hotel because I have to be at a training session by 9 am and Deb has appointment at 10:15 am. Good choice. I went to my meeting and I really enjoyed it. But I am exhausted right now and getting ready to head to bed for 9 pm, which is not like me! I am still dealing with residual pain from yesterday.

I am looking forward to actually resting soon. I have one more thing to do and then I will be done until September 19. I intend to get a lot of rest so that I can go back to work much stronger.


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