In celebration of my purchase of Aperture 3 – I give you photos I have altered. Deb is the photographer.

Zoe is really not that serious!


Pit bull in deep thought!


Sawyer enjoying the sun.


Piper looking quite serious.


Sadly Molly is not really photogenic but she is cute in real life!


Kiefer laying in the doorway to the kitchen. Road Block!


Bella looking intense!





6 thoughts on “A picture post…

  1. That is an AWFUL picture of Beefy Boy. It’s fuzzy and he looks stoned. There are far better photos for you to play with, dear-heart. I do like the b&w of Zo-Zo and da Punk in sepia.

  2. I love the photos – such a beautiful crew. And it has been simply ages since I saw a photo of the beautiful Sienna – how is she doing??????

    1. She is doing well. She had surgery on her 2nd cruciate several months ago. She is recovered now. She is doing really well and has a new friend in Sawyer. How is your crew?

  3. My awfully small, quiet old crew is doing okay – Charley is giving us cause for worry but is stable for the moment, Sadie is rather like having a big old cat around (you know she’s there, she occasionally comes up for a pat, never misses dinner, but other than that pretty much keeps to herself), and yesterday we added a sixteen year old new foster, Pepper (who just may end up being a permanent foster…shhhhhhh!).

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