• I know summer has not really arrived yet for those of you who love the heat but here at the Swamp, yesterday was almost more than we could take. We have been using a small, 5,000 BTU air conditioner in our room since last fall when the last portable died. We have a large bedroom and even with the ceiling fan and a turbo fan going it has not been enough to really keep us cool. Yesterday, when the temperatures reached 30 degrees, it definitely overwhelmed the little unit. So Deb was off in search of a new one today with more POWER!
  • Still on the keeping cool part – the new unit for upstairs means we get the other one back for the dining room. We have not needed it yet this year but it could still happen. We use the kitchen one all the time. I have noted though that we have yet to run the portable in the living room. Our living room faces north and does not get a lot of direct sun. This is a very, very good thing!
  • We have noticed that in the heat some of the dogs are having problems. Piper for sure is getting overheated at the slightest bit of exercise. Zoe, Kiefer and Molly are also prone to overheating. So it is diet time for some of the dogs here at the Swamp. We suck at not giving them treats so their daily ration of food will be cut back and exercise increased. Our soon to be new housemate has said she loves to walk dogs!!! So look out you lazy canines of the Swamp!
  • One more note about summer. We are so grateful that the temperatures have been so reasonable. Heat is really hard on both Deb and me due to autoimmune disease. We just do not tolerate it at all. Even today, when it was 19 outside, Deb was hot. So while we have some sympathy for all you heat lovers we are happy it is cool.

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