• We have been at the Kingfisher (KF)[1] for a couple of days.  The first night was a nightmare. Piper and Sawyer couldn’t settle. Deb took them out to pee like 4 times. They were climbing all over me. I was telling Piper to stop barking when it was actually Sawyer who was barking. Poor girl! We have been able to leave them in the room with no problems at all. Plus the weather here has been decidedly cool and overcast so we have also been able to take them into Courtenay with us and leave them in the truck without worrying too much about the heat.
  • I have had one massage so far. I have another one for this evening. The RMT I saw has been doing massage for 38 years. She was very good at her job! She found knots in places no one else has ever found. She even found some in my feet! Uggh!
  • Deb and I did the Pacific Mist Hydropath. It is a set of water stations like waterfalls for your shoulders, a hot tub like pool, a pool that you walk through – one side cool and the other hot, a salt pool[2] and a mud tub thing. I enjoyed most of it although I struggle when I get water in my eyes so some of the activities bothered me. Deb is going to do it again tonight while I have a massage.
  • The last couple times we have stayed in hotels that promise free Wi-Fi we have never been able to connect the iPads. This time I bought an Airport Express so that I could set up our own network if necessary. This time it was fine but I will keep it in my bag just for those situations. What did not work so well was the Apple TV plan. I loaded up our first generation Apple TV with lots of good stuff to watch but we could not connect it to this old style TV. So we went and bought a bunch of DVDs so we have something to watch.
  • Food has been a bit of an issue here. The restaurant would be described, in the words of my friend Wandering Coyote, as ‘Chi-Chi.’ Everything is really gourmet and high-end. We have not found much that either we wanted to eat or could eat. I had a duck breast one night but I really couldn’t eat as I have been having serious eating issues as of late. It was really good though. I had crab legs one night that were fabulous. Yesterday we went off in search of comfort food at the White Spot. We were not able to get a kitchenette unit so we have to get by with a small fridge and a kettle. We did go for their brunch this morning, which was amazing to say the least. There were over 125 items. If you love seafood this would be the place for you!
  • We are very grateful for how well behaved Piper and Sawyer are. They get along very well. Sawyer is a real stand out given how young he is. He is so well socialized because Deb took him everywhere since he came to us. I think he would love to live in a hotel room for his whole life so he can burrow under the duvet. That dog is almost always cold. Piper has struggled a little bit. She is feeling the summer badly and panting hard. We will be taking her to the vet but likely they will tell us she is 5 and fat and that is why her breathing is laboured at times. She was quite stressed in the truck on the ferry. She is much calmer now. I am so happy that we toilet-trained these 2 so well. Piper is rock solid and Sawyer is almost too. While Piper can hold it, Sawyer needs to go out whenever he goes to the door. They are both such great dogs!
Sleepy Piper


Sleepy Sawyer

[1] I have decided to abbreviate the Kingfisher, as my fingers want to type ‘Kingfister.’ Better safe that sorry right!?!

[2] My favourite.

One thought on “Dispatches from the Kingfisher Spa and Resort

  1. OMG, this place sounds like paradise! I NEEEEEEEEED to find a rich BF so I can go here! A 125-item brunch buffet???? OMFG!!1!!!!! The hydropath sounds awesome, too! I’m glad you’re having such a great time and that the doggies are enjoying it, too.

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