I am trying to reduce the amount of stuff I have collected over the last 5 years. Part of the problem is that I have not really had a lot of energy to focus on reducing. Mostly I have just muddled through while the stuff, it seems, has multiplied. I keep boxes from stuff I buy in case it doesn’t work. I dutifully file away all the receipts and manuals and now my filing cabinet wants to burst.

Then we move on to data. I have so much freaking data. I have pictures, movies, tv shows etc. I have so many backup hard drives because I have such a huge iTunes library that I cannot possible keep it all on my computer hard drive. I really don’t want to delete any of it as I may want to watch it again. I do need to become more organized with my external hard drives and give them meaningful names so I can tell them apart.

I also can’t stand the tangled complicated morass of cords, power bars and hubs behind my monitor. It does not seem to matter what I do to try and sort it out it doesn’t matter. Once if finally get the configuration finalized I may try to tackle the cord monster. I think there might be a solution for cords that I will check out.

My other files, the ones I create for work or my blogs are quite well organized. I can generally find what I want quickly. The one exception is pictures. It seems like a great deal of work to title them individually. I have a tagging program that I am trying to tag pictures. I may try using apple script to automatically tag pictures.

So my plan is to do some de-cluttering for 15 minutes every day. I did today and I actually got quite far. I have been able finally get time machine to get time machine to start working again. For some reason, Time Machine did not like the hard drive I had been trying to use. My next task is to back everything up again, and then determine which drives I don’t need to use.

I also need to get some clothes out of my closet and armoire. I have a lot of stuff I never wear that could be donated. I know once I start it will not be that big of a job so I just need to start. I want to get some of this stuff done while I am off, as I know I won’t have the energy once I go back to work.

Do you have any de-cluttering strategies or ideas that work for you?


4 thoughts on “De-Cluttering My Life

  1. Moving – it works like a charm.

    Just kidding!

    I’ve never been a person with tons of clutter. I tend to regularly enjoy thinning out my belongings. My grandmother was like that, too. She was constantly thinning things out. But sometimes she thinned too much out and when she died we didn’t have a lot of old family stuff we were looking for – photos, documents, etc.

  2. I think Wandering Coyote is on to something! The only time I’ve ever done any real de-cluttering is when I’ve moved. Life is just so busy, I never find time to de-clutter (though heavens knows I need to!). But when it comes time to move, it’s suddenly more work to have the clutter (as you have to move it) than to de-clutter it, and thus the de-cluttering happens.

    I actually can’t wait to move again to do more de-cluttering!

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