Bella with her new Lion Cut
  • We have had Bella for a very long time. We bought her from a cattery that bred Maine Coon Cats. Bella never quite lived up to her potential at the cattery. She had only managed to have one litter of kittens and that only happened because she let the stud cat out of his cage. Bella is very smart. She and I have always had the most involved relationship because her stuff has always been in my office. Over the years we have had to devise many ways to keep the cat stuff from becoming foodstuff for the dogs. They love her kibble and they especially love her litter box. For the most part, Bella stayed in my office out of choice. Occasionally she would wander to other places in the house like the living room or dining room but it usually didn’t last for long. All that has changed now! Since getting her first ‘lion cut’ back in June she has been a force to be reckoned with. She is all over the place. She spent much of June in July in the kitchen meowing for attention and getting it. She was rubbing herself and preening and overall a very happy kitty. Now she has moved to the living room where she has taken up rubbing her face on my computer and threatening to jump into my dinner from the other table. I am not sure what has caused the change. Right now we are positing that she has been hot under all that hair for years and she feels much cooler and freer. Any cat experts out there want to take a guess?
  • I finally prevailed in programming the Logitech Harmony One remote. The hardest command to get it to do is the skip forward 30 seconds. I couldn’t remember how I did it the first time so I had to figure it out again. All is well; we now have everything connected to the one remote again. One minor problem, the Shaw technician took my Apple TV power cord rather than the one for the old PVR box. Still waiting to get it back.
  • I just took the first pictures off of my new camera and I am very happy with them! The camera is just a little purple Sony point and shoot. It is small enough to fit in my purse and really easy to use. Here are a couple of pictures!
  • Deb on our way to Vancouver Island - staying in the truck with the dogs
    Sawyer - the sun worshipper

    Piper panting away in the truck
  • Me - going in to get steak from Hopcott's on our way home

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