• I just got off the phone with my mother and I am astounded at her capacity to change. My sister had a temper tantrum the other day and she told my mother to fuck off.[1] There had been an incident on Saturday where my sister was supposed to pick my mother up to go to a party. Kathy decided she had too much to do and if she picked up mom then she would be driving for 2 hours. So she phoned my mother and told her she wasn’t going to pick her up. Now, Kathy had already made this commitment. She had also been asked to pick up someone else who lived 10 minutes away from the venue and she needed to pick up a veggie try. Instead of trying to solve the problem she just dumped mom and told her to take a taxi[2] or to drive herself.[3] My mother then opted not to go, knowing that Kathy would be in a foul mood if she pushed it. Later that evening they had a conversation on the phone, which is when my sister told her off. My mother has also decided that Kathy should not come when we come to visit later in the fall. She actually seems to be able to understand Kathy a whole lot better now. In the past, she would have been trying to please Kathy and calm the situation down. Then she would have been on my case to get along better with Kathy. None of this happened. In fact, she has not said a hurtful thing to me since the cruise.
  • Piper has to go in to the vet and be put under so they can get a good look at her throat and see the extent of the problem. This will likely be done this week or early next week. I cannot wait to get this problem fixed for her. Piper has always been a very active dog and she does not like being left at home when everyone else goes to the park.
  • I have been having an issue with my computer. It is having problems backing up to time machine. I have been working with a couple of Apple guys and I have to say they are remarkable for their communication skills, patience and knowledge. My problem has been elevated to the engineers so I am still waiting for a resolution. The troubleshooting has been fun with them!
  • Oh, and in unrelated news, Jonathan Bacon has been shot. I am happy to report that the Bacon sisters (Piper and Zoe) are all fine. Although they are wondering where the bacon went…

[1] Who uses that kind of language with their 75-year old mother?

[2] Which would have cost over $100.

[3] My mother has only really driven in the Southwest of Calgary. She rarely ever went to the north end.


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