• I know that this summer has mostly been a bust for the sun worshippers out there. I also know that we heat haters have had it pretty easy but it needs to stop. It is 30 freaking degrees out and it really does nothing for me. I am ready to be done with least favourite season and be on to my beloved autumn.
  • I swear the cat is trying to kill me. She is launching on to me from odd places. She has taken to licking my hand should I dare to fall asleep. She is sitting on my computer and mostly she is making me crazy. The killing part came today when I went to sit on my office chair after she just jumped up there. Do you know how hard it is to stop the momentum of a ‘sit?’ And then there is the incessant meowing. We have the light talking to the full on cat equivalent of the bark scream. I do not know what has gotten into her.
  • Lately I have been biting my tongue. Literally biting my tongue. I have no idea why but I wish it would stop. Before I have done very little damage to my tongue. Yesterday, however, was another story. I bit it so hard it bled for twenty minutes and I can still feel it today. It is swollen and thankfully it is not hurting anymore. I am not sure why my teeth appear to have it in for my tongue but it needs to stop!!!
  • Sawyer is starting to get very pushy. He decides when he wants to go to bed and goes to the bottom of the stairs and barks. This is very annoying, as we generally do not want to go to bed then. He is definitely sure of himself!

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