I was incredibly saddened to hear the news about Jack Layton this morning from Deb. She had been saying she thought he was going to die. I wished it wasn’t true. Clearly he knew he was going to die. Why else would he have appointed an interim leader over the summer when not much is supposed to happen? He wanted to make sure the party was not leaderless during this time of crisis.

I have always loved Jack Layton. Ever since he became the leader of the NDP in 2003. As he fought in elections once couldn’t help but think he was a little delusional when he would say he was running for Prime Minister. During his last election campaign he came closer than any other leader of the NDP. Sadly, we will not know what he might have accomplished during the next election.

Fuck Cancer is all I have to say. It cuts short the lives of some amazing people. Fuck Cancer.


One thought on “Jack Layton

  1. It is a sad, bleak day. This good and decent man, this proud and heroic Canadian husband, father, grandfather and politician was only 61. He didn’t get enough time….he deserved so much more. Canadians have lost a champion of the the underdog, for that is what the government of the day has made everyday, normal citizens…..underdogs in their own country. Honour Mr. Layton by supporting the party he brought to greatness. In his memory, make this country he was so proud of and dedicated his life to, all that it can be by supporting the NDP

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