• We have begun the testing for Piper to see what is wrong with her breathing. We are operating under the assumption that she has too much tissue in her soft palate, which is blocking her airway. In preparation for her going under anesthetic tomorrow so they can get a good look at her throat we had blood work done yesterday. Today we found out that some of her liver enzymes were elevated. We did an additional test and the vet thinks that her liver was likely dealing with some toxin. Her liver is functioning fine. So tomorrow we should know the extent of her soft palate and throat issues.
  • It shocks me the depths some people will go. Christie Blatchford[1] wrote the most negative column yesterday about the media’s handling of Jack Layton’s death. However she didn’t just criticize the media, she denigrated the man himself. She even criticized his last letter to Canadians writing “Who seriously writes of himself, “All my life I have worked to make things better”?” I don’t know any other politician who could say that about himself. Is Blatchford that disillusioned that she needed to chastise a dead man’s view of his life? Jack Layton had a reputation to fight for underdog causes whether it was better treatment for people with HIV/AIDS or fighting for ordinary families on the campaign trail recently. I only hope Olivia Chow and Jack’s children Michael and Sarah do not read it. Blatchford should be ashamed of herself.
  • Speaking of Jack Layton, I encourage everyone I know, who supports the NDP, to donate monthly. Would you really miss $10 per month? I know I won’t.
  • I found a great new show on the Oprah network.[2] It is a documentary show called “Our America.’ The host is Lisa Ling and she is fabulous. I have seen two episodes so far one on sex offenders and the other was on internet brides.  I think show will do very well.
  • My ulcerative colitis has really been causing me a lot of pain lately. I have had several days where my pain levels have been through the roof. I fear I may have to lay off the grilled veggies and Holy Crap cereal for a bit.

[1] I am not inserting a ling here because I do not want to send traffic her way.

[2] I swore I wouldn’t watch it but we had it and I am weak.


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