I am feeling like crap today. We have been quite busy the last two days and apparently, stressed. Deb has been feeling nauseous all day and I have had intensive cramping and pain. I really want to know what I ever did to my colon for it to torment me so.

Piper continues to do well. Given her reaction to the first anesthetic we thought keeping her quiet was going to be easy. We were wrong. She must have been feeling really bad after they look down her throat. Perhaps her soft palate was more swollen. She has been great since the surgery. She is sleeping a little more, probably because of the tramadol. She wants to go though! She is confined to leash walks for a while which, in her case, is counter-productive. She gets more excited when she sees a leash than when she is going into the back yard. I fear we are going to have the punk squared when she is completely recovered!

I just heard that there are major cougar problems in Edgewater, BC, which is very close to Radium, BC – where we are going in 5 days. Apparently, people are taking their evening walks with shotguns! We are going to have to really keep a close eye on the dogs while we are there. Apparently, cougar ranges are very large so 13 kms is not all that far! They think the cougars are juveniles just put out by their mother. Hopefully they pull it together and get into the backcountry.

Oh and another foot has washed up in the Lower Mainland. What is that about? Why do we continue to have feet wash up here yet no other coastal city seems to have this problem? I wonder if we have a serial killer somewhere like Dexter Morgan?


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