Piper had her soft palate resection on Monday. She is recovering extremely well. Today we let her out in the yard on her own and she was quite happy not to be on the leash. She did get a little running in. She is breathing so much better. She only panted a little bit and it was not hard panting. It was also quite warm out. A couple of weeks ago that level of activity would have had her struggling to get her breath.

She did really well during the photo shoot by the Food Lady. She ran just enough. Everyone else did really well too. Hopefully the Food Lady got a lot of great shots. It was a nice sunny afternoon and the light was good.

We are supposed to keep her quiet for 4 weeks. I don’t see how that is going to be possible. She feels so much better and she has so much more energy. She has been running and playing in the house as well. Piper always has attitude and now it is tripled!

The only issue we have had with her recovery has been her super sonic sense of smell. That dog can smell a pill in something and is very adept at finding them and eating around them. We couldn’t resort to the pill popper as she had surgery in her throat and we didn’t want to disturb the soft palate. If she ever has to take pills on a daily basis we are in serious trouble.

It is such a relief to see the Pug so happy and energetic. It is like she knows she has been ‘fixed.’ I am sure we have many, many happy years together!


One thought on “Piper Update

  1. Piper may be too smart for this, but for giving my dogs pills, I cut off a 1″ chunk of banana and stick the pill in. It fools them every time. Piper may need a smaller chunk, though.

    I’m glad to hear she’s doing so well.

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