• We are getting ready to go and visit my mother in Radium. She has finally been successful in manipulating us to leave on Labour Day even though we said repeatedly we didn’t want to. It looks like she has been planning what she wants us to make. Clearly baking is high on her list. Plus she wants all of her apples picked and applesauce made. It looks like we will be working hard for the whole time we are there.
  • Piper is continuing to do well. She is done with her pain medication. She is coughing much less now. I have also noticed that her snoring noise has changed. It is definitely not as loud as it used to be. Letting her go out in the yard by herself is less activity than leashing her. She gets so excited it seemed to be counter productive.
  • We are taking Piper and Sawyer with us on our trip. We are pretty sure Piper will be fine. We are taking the truck and there is great a/c that blows in the back. Regardless, Piper is tolerating heat and mild activity well.
  • I am a little concerned that it is going to be quite warm while we are there especially if we are cooking. I am going to take the Dyson fan and an iPod dock which should make the chores a little more bearable.
  • We bought a Boxee Box so that we had something to watch Netflix through. We decided not to keep the 2nd generation Apple TV mostly because my mother decided that she did want it for Radium. It is so easy to get your money’s worth from Netflix. It is now $7.99 a month. One or two movies in a month gives you more than what you pay for. It seems to have a fairly robust selection; although some things you would expect to be there are not. I went looking for two TV series that Netflix did not have: All in the Family and Parenthood. Otherwise, we are very happy with Netflix!

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