1. Having my partner near me, steadies me and makes me a better person.
  2. I am far to old to do things I don’t want to do anymore. I kind of new this already but it has been firmly cemented in my head. I spend too much time being sick to waste my ‘good’ time.
  3. Having my partner near me, steadies me
  4. People who say mean and cruel things under the guise of ‘telling you like it is’ are simply mean and cruel people.
  5. The only one who knows what is best for me are the people who really love me and me.
  6. I am not going to eat food I don’t like or food I know is not good for me. End of conversation. I am tired of these trips wherein I eat stuff that does not agree with me and then I am unable to eat anything that stays with me.[1]
  7. I am going to eat food that I now my body likes and needs. It will generally be fresh and local.
  8. I cannot cope with the heat. I especially cannot cope with it in a place other than home. At home I can get some comfort. I have air conditioning and comfortable furniture.
  9. I am not going to let people walk over me. I am far too willing to compromise and take the path of least resistance even if that means I lose something. I am going to value my skills and myself much more highly.


[1] This caused a bit of a problem when I refused to eat the M&M meat.


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