• We left Kamloops around noon today. I love the drive from the desert down to the coast where things are greener. I watched the temperature slowly decrease to finally 23 degrees when we got home. The transition makes me very happy and it is why I call this place home.
  • It was so nice to see the other dogs when we got home. Kiefer came running up to me and his tail was swishing back and forth. Zoe was thrilled as well to see us too! Sawyer apparently did a somersault when he saw Sienna.[1] Later they were crazy playing later and Sawyer got the zoomies.[2] Watching the dogs play is better than TV.
  • I am so looking forward to my bed tonight! After almost a week of sleeping in a twin bed it will be nice to be able to spread out. I have also missed my heating pad that stays on all night. I sleep with it on low and it really helps my pain levels. Plus it will be nice to sleep in our cool air-conditioned room!


[1] I didn’t witness it.

[2] His zoomies are hysterical. He tucks his little bum in and off he goes, darting from place. Sometimes he wipes out as he goes around the corner and loses his footing.

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