• I avoided signing up for Netflix. Then we had the new Apple TV[1] in the house so I tried Netflix. Surprisingly we have been using it a great deal. The picture quality has been excellent and we have not had any issues whatsoever. I bought a Boxee Box to connect us to Netflix. It is kind of like going to the video store without leaving your living room. The bonus part is everyone can look at the listings at the same time and, hopefully, agree on a movie!
  • I am watching a documentary called ‘Critical Condition.’ It is about the state of the US health ‘system’ and the plight of uninsured people. It is absolutely unconscionable that so many people are dying because of the state of US healthcare – if you can even call it that. Imagine not having the money to buy your drugs so you end up in the hospital. I feel so fortunate to be Canadian and living in British Columbia. Between healthcare and pharmacare we never have to worry about the effect of catastrophic illness. We must work diligently to ensure our system stays intact.
  • I am so happy the new season of TV shows is starting! Survivor started last week and on Monday my most favourite show Dancing with the Stars starts! I love this show. I am not really sure why. It is over the top and silly. I love learning about the dances, again I have no idea why.
  • I have been reading a nurse blog[2]. To describe this nurse as the venerable Nurse Ratchet from the movies would be kind. She has little to no empathy for her patients – especially the fat ones. She seems really like to rail on obese people believing that they are all scarfing down buckets of KFC. One of the commenters has basically said that nurses are not generally nice people. Sure, she argued, they could have compassion and empathy but that niceness was not a prerequisite. I was thinking about the nurses I know and the ones I have met when in hospital and I only met one cranky nurse. So, nurses, is it true?

[1] It has now been relocated to my mother’s other house. In all fairness we did buy it for her.

[2] I am not going to link to this blog because I don’t want to send more traffic there.


One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘I love Netflix’ edition

  1. Awww! Give us a hint so that we can find Nurse Ratchet’s Blog.

    Every ward has one nurse from hell who has all the patients afraid of her – at least that’s how it has been on my infrequent hospital stays.

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