So the Canucks played a game last night and guess what? There wasn’t a riot! Go figure! I am completely appalled at the silence of the Vancouver Canucks with regard to the riot. They have said absolutely nothing. I am not sure how they think it is ok to take people’s money and not bear any responsibility for the behaviour of their fans. They participate in ramping up the expectations and the ‘hype’. However, there needs to be some responsibility on their part.

Civic participation should be a major part of any professional sports team. The Canucks could have done several things to show their fans what they think of riots. They could have helped clean up after the riot; this would have shown that they see themselves as part of the fabric of the city. What about putting up some reward money to bring the rioters to justice? They most certainly could have put up some money towards the businesses subjected to destruction. Imagine what an inspiring message it would have sent if any member of the Vancouver Canucks had shown up.

This really opens up a larger question about what responsibility, if any, professional teams have towards their fan bases and the cities that host them? The teams do not pay any of the attached policing costs from the games. Why should they get a free ride? I really do not understand why no one is demanding more from the Vancouver Canucks. I don’t understand how people can continue to support a team who feels no loyalty to us. It is a travesty.

3 thoughts on “Vancouver Canucks and Civic Responsibility

  1. I heard on the news that in the first four exhibition games at home, they were going to be honouring one group that helped during the riot. Last night it was supposed to be the police. Then fire, someone I can’t remember, and then the people who cleaned up. I don’t know if it happened or not, but I expect so.

    It’s not like paying money, but it’s some kind of acknowledgement.

  2. Hmmmmm, what about all the charity work that the Canucks do, ie: Canuck Place. The hockey team is very well known for their community involvement. As well, I do not think it was there “fault” or responsibility that the riot happened. It was the drunk and disorderly few that started it.

  3. I agree with Daniel and trust me, I am not a Canuck fan. A good friend of mine passed away at Canuck place and that place is a very special and amazing place. The players are often seen visiting there and I know an awful lot of money is given by the players to Canuck place.
    I think that the City of Vancouver, who planned the big downtown party, is more to blame than the team itself.

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