I am getting quite frustrated lately when it comes to watching movies. I spend time scouring iTunes and other sites to find movies to watch. Most of the time I can barely get through a movie before I have to turn it off. Why can’t Hollywood make decent movies anymore?

Case in point: Bridesmaids. I heard nothing but good things about this movie. It was supposed to be funny. In actuality, it is a movie that relies far too much on the inappropriate elimination of body fluids.[1] Seriously, on what planet is that funny? Well maybe in teenage boy gross out movies it works. Gross out comedy is really not that funny.


[1] Someone uses a sink and a road to defecate. Ick!

3 thoughts on “What is it with movies lately?

  1. Humour is very subjective. I might find something funny that someone else would thing is not funny at all.

    I saw Bridesmaids with a friend when it first came out. She didn’t like it at all. I liked parts of it and found parts of it problematic. I wrote about it at the time. I had a big argument with another friend who was in the camp of “this is a huge breakthrough for women.”

    We get great non-Hollywood movies from Videomatica. Sadly, with the planned closure of the store, we don’t know if the service will continue.

  2. How could dumbing down and aping frat-boy gross-out films be seen as a breakthrough for women? I made it about halfway through this poor excuse for “comedy”, but only because I was feeling too ill to drag myself out of the living room. The film was tasteless, moronic, mean-spirited and lacked any artistic merit.

  3. There were a few very funny bits in Bridesmaids, but as far as the “bathroom humour” I think that it is no longer just teenage boys who find it funny. I strongly suspect that the current crop of teenage girls find it funny, as well.

    So much for women’s progress!!

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