• I am now on Day 5 of this nasty virus. I think my fever finally broke this morning. I don’t often get these things but when I do they make me really sick. I seem to get more fevers, which makes it difficult to function. The fevers can also carry on after the other symptoms are gone.
  • We watched Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ the other day. We were both very disappointed. The entire movie was about him trying to get sponsorships for the movie. Instead of exploring the increasing integration of product placement, the entire show was basically a series of meetings with Spurlock negotiating. He talks to some experts like Noam Chomsky and Ralph Nader to get their opinions on the subject. However the documentary missed a really good opportunity. Plus, I hate meetings and watching someone else be in meetings for 90 minutes was pretty boring.
  • Alberta is looking pretty progressive these days with the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta electing Alison Redford. Apparently she represents the left-wing flank of the party. She is going to immediately restore funding to education and health care. The Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta is literally the definition of the old boys club. I wish her well!
  • I have decided I am going to brine our Thanksgiving turkey. We are having a lot of people over for dinner so I hope it goes well!

One thought on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘viral’ edition

  1. I’ll believe Redford’s promises when I see tangible proof of their implementation, not one second sooner.

    Being a classic “Red Tory” in Alberta is just asking to become a pariah.

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