• Cancer has been very busy the last couple of months taking some really good and relatively young people. It really bites. Steve Jobs died far too soon. It is a tragedy.
  • The dogs are all doing very well. We have a really good crew who all get along really well. Sawyer is really bonded to everyone but Molly. His relationship with Molly consists of him staring at her while she eats. She then growls and snarls at him for the duration. It is very loud and nasty sounding. At least no one is harmed in the process. Raising dogs in a pack makes for some great entertainment. Watching their interactions and relationships is very rewarding.
  • The swamp is pretty swampy right now. The pond never dried up over the summer. The septic is stinky already, which is disturbing. We will get it pumped soon so that it doesn’t back up. I really wish we could figure out why it is so smelly.
  • We have other plumbing issues. We have to get the water hammer fixed. The plumber can’t find where the water comes into the house. Plus, to make matters worse, there is still some water in the crawl space, which makes it very muddy for him. He tried pumping it out but as it was only 2 inches it didn’t do much. Deb said it looked like he was wearing a HAZMAT suit. Hopefully he is going to be able to finish the job tomorrow. WE are hoping to have much improved water volume once this job is done. You end up learning so much about very strange things when you own a house.
  • I have been working hard on my wasp phobia. We have been getting wasps in our bedroom every morning this week. They were getting in through the gaps in the window caused by the air conditioner. I have killed 3 more this week but I am really not thrilled about it. They really bother me. I am hoping a hard frost comes soon so that they will all die!

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