• We cooked a 20-pound turkey yesterday. It took a little over 5 hours. I stuffed it with all the old bread heels we had in the freezer. It was cooked perfectly. Since I purchased a meat thermometer I have never over-cooked a turkey. If I was looking at it there is no way I would have thought it was cooked. It was divine – you could see the juice coming out of the breast and the dark meat melted in my mouth. I was very happy!
  • We had some friends over for dinner and there 14-month old son. The dogs were amazing with him. They all wanted to lick him and did. He patted Kiefer. All of the dogs were very good with him, which is great as our dogs rarely see children. We kept the dogs outside while everyone was eating so people weren’t overwhelmed. They hadn’t eaten yet so they were hungry. They ended up getting lots of food and some of them were in turkey comas until well after noon today.
  • My mother has a cold. This is worrisome as she has COPD. I hope she is able to fight it off and it does not turn into pneumonia. I am not sure she would survive pneumonia again.
  • We are so in love with the new pictures of the dogs. There are many more that I haven’t posted yet. However, I have saved the best picture for today:
Amazing picture of Zoe

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