I haven’t ranted for a while so here goes! I apologize in advance that most of it is traffic related. I will say that on days I am stressed

  • Truckers are assholes. Seriously. It is a nightmare on the MaryHill Bypass. They take up both lanes and drive in tandem. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are 50 cars behind them with drivers becoming increasingly frustrated. Seriously there should be a law against this as this is what causes some of the infamous backups on our roads.
  • My next thing is about people who pull out in front of you without gauging how fast traffic is going. I was on 128th ave, which is on the back way out of Maple Ridge, and a car just turned left right in front of me. I had to whale on the brakes so that I didn’t hit him and when I honked he gave me the finger. I don’t understand how or why some people are allowed to drive.
  • The other thing I must rant about is about Harper’s plan to spend lots of money on the war of 1812. Why on fucking earth we need to rub it in to the Americans that we won is unclear. What is even more unclear is why we need to spend millions of dollars doing it when we have a budget deficit. It makes absolutely no sense. What is interesting is that while Conservatives preach fiscal restraint, historically it is Conservative governments that ring up the biggest deficits. In this case, Harper is following Mulroney in fine form. Harper needs to give his head his shake and stop the waste.

2 thoughts on “Rant of the Day

  1. Maybe the Cons will do a reenactment using live ammunition. Harpo the Marxist would have to play a lead role, and we KNOW how many casualties the British suffered…..he and his merry band of Zombies could die happy in the name of accuracy, or at least make me happy.

  2. I drove heavy truck (>11t, >3 axles) for 5-6 years, and all vehicle-types for a living for ca. 12.

    And knowing how ignorant civilians like you will always look at us as second-class citizen scum (a quite-distant second, I might add) whilst benefitting massively from everything we do, for you, every fucking day whilst eating this garbage for utter slave-wages is why I went back to school at age 34, and would have had to give it up eventually regardless due to incipient stress-related physical and psychological issues.

    Non-truckers are ignorant fucking cunts.


    All they fucking do is cut us off left, right, and centre, think they can play tailgating/blindspot-camping games with a vehicle that is 23m long, weighs between 35,000 and 63,000kg (depending on configuration), and then wonder why accidents happen–because, dipshit, 99% of the time, you were in our blindspots, and we literally had no idea you were there until we heard the “crunch!”

    Funny how many of you sheep-like, cell-phone wielding civilians never seem to get it through your heads that a vehicle that size needs room to turn, and that the laws of physics apply to you, too:

    No, you can’t cut inside my 53-foot tri-axle trailer when I’m trying to make a right-hand turn at an intersection “just this once,” it will not end well.

    No, you can’t slam on your brakes right in front of me for no apparent reason, because there’s a very real possibility I that really won’t be able to stop in time, especiually if the road’s even slightly wet, or we’re on a down-slope that you’d never even notice in a car.

    They scream and scream and scream, all over the country about trucks “going too fast”–yeah, I would have liked to have been able to do that even once during my years of driving for a living!

    Try bumper-to-bumper at 120km/h down the Interstate out of Denver on a Friday night, boxed in by morons because you don’t have enough speed to get away from them–it’ll get your pulse-rate up I can assure you!

    Push for speed limiters on trucks, and then wonder why the now-neutered trucks hold them up going up hills that they can no longer take a run at (when safe to do so, of course), why they take up both lanes–because they need to keep what little momentum they can get to get up those hills, and to keep moving in traffic, and no two speed-limiters in practise are ever exactly the same speed, so they can’t pass each other quickly–hey, you asked for it, you got it! Be careful what you wish for…But hey, it’s always the trucker’s fault.

    I could go on–believe me, I could go on–but in a nutshell, it’s people like you who are the enemy here, not us:

    We do a sometimes brutally-hard, often-stressful, always-thankless, shit-paying/long-hours job, in every possible weather and traffic-conditions, without which your happy, soulless-consumerist, toy-filled, entitled little lives would be much, much less convenient, and always, FUCKING ALWAYS, this is how we are seen.

    By people who’ve probably never even sat inside a heavy truck, let alone driven one.

    I tell you what, love: The day you can wedge yourself behind the wheel of a fully-loaded Super-B train combination (max legal weight in BC, 63,500kg), put it into gear, and get it up to 100km/h without either tearing the prop-shaft out of it, or tearing apart the gearbox fumbling for gears, or running into anything, that’s the day I–or any trucker–will consider your over-entitled mewling credible, not before.

    You’re welcome.

    –Dan, ex-trucker

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