• I heard a great podcast the other day called ‘Taking Crazy Back.’ It is by Tod Maffin who has done stints on CBC radio. I highly recommend it! We need to bring awareness to the fact that mental illness is just that an illness. It is not a moral failing.
  • I have decided to try and reduce my dose of pain medication over the next couple of weeks. My ulcerative colitis is in a good place right now so it is a good time. I have not had much breakthrough pain for the most part since I was off work in the summer. Reducing my pain medication may help with my fatigue issues, which will make everything so much better. I think this will go well, as I have weaned off before without any issue.
  • One more traffic rant! Today when I was driving in some asshole in a pickup truck just blew through a stop sign at one of the 3-way stops. What a jerk!

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