So I finally had my appointment with the endocrinologist my GP referred me to about 6 months ago. We got some answers, an admission of confusion, and 2 referrals. I was seen by a resident first who took a complete history. We were there for more than 3 hours.

Let’s talk about the answers. Apparently my non-existant hormone levels are because I am on morphine. We discussed that I am tapering down, of my own choice, and I asked if it would help the situation if I went off more quickly. Basically she said no. The only time risking my quality of life with severe pain is not important unless I am trying to get pregnant, which at 46, I am not.

We then talked about my weight. They wanted to see my lipids, triglycerides, fasting blood sugar, hemoglobin A1C and cholesterol. They said that they could see by my blood work that I ate a healthy diet. The doctor said that there is a segment of the morbidly obese population to whom the adage of ‘calories in, calories out’ does not apply. She said they have some ideas but nothing concrete. Even if they could diagnose it they don’t have anything for it anyway at this point. Maybe in 10 years she conceded. She is going to refer me to a doctor who is doing research in this area. I all likelihood whatever is wrong with me is genetic.

She is also going to refer to the metabolic clinic. Apparently they have physiotherapists, kinesiologists and exercise professionals who can help design a plan that will work for me. I told her I will happily go and see what they have to offer. I have serious problems when it comes to exercising due to roving joint pain, ulcerative colitis induced arthritis in my back. The exercise program also has to be very mindful of the reality that I have auto-immune disease.

Deb has said for a very long time that someday they will figure out what is wrong with me and probably name it after me.

2 thoughts on “Endocrinology Update

  1. Glad you are getting some assistance. Imagine, you are a woman of size and you eat well. They probably needed the blood tests to prove it. Do I sound a wee bit jaded? Calories in and activity output has not had good results for those of us over 25% body fat for a long time. There is something going on we still don’t understand. If it were simple and achievable we would all be less fat. To say nothing about how much more complicated this gets when one has other medical issues

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