The Occupy Everywhere movement seems to be gaining a lot of strength as the weeks of occupation go on. This week has seen various demands made of Occupy Vancouver protesters to clean up the camp and remove tarps that the fire department has determined are a hazard to first responders. I find it interesting that the Occupy Vancouver protesters have declared the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery is an autonomous zone wherein they will not recognize the authority of government officials. They have decided they will allow government officials to ‘advise’ them only if they go through the proper protocols.[1] Apparently the General Assembly (GA) has ‘consensed’[2] on this issue.

The movement is an interesting protest concept. By bringing together environmentalists, social activists, legal activists, and anti-globalization protesters the movement may actually have a chance at succeeding on some levels. If the movement is to be successful at any level they must continue long enough to substantially change the discourse. Educating the public about the issues must begin to inform politics at every level. The issues span all three levels of government. Substantive change will occur once political parties and candidates see value[3] in the protesters’ ideas.

We are seeing the effects of the Occupy movement on the civic election campaign in Vancouver. Lines have been drawn between the main mayoralty candidates incumbent Gregor Robertson and Suzanne Anton. Anton attempted to have the Occupiers given a deadline to de-camp that did not gain any traction at Vancouver City Council. Robertson actually has it correct on this issue – he realizes that bringing down the power of the City to remove the tent city will not work. Further there will be violence and the movement will gain more traction with larger tent cities springing up. I do worry about what might happen if Suzanne Anton wins the election.

Here is an excerpt from the Occupy Vancouver movement explaining why they are occupying:

Occupy Vancouver, in solidarity with other city occupations, has come together to transform the unequal, unfair, and growing disparity in the distribution of power and wealth in our city and around the globe. We challenge corporate greed, corruption, and the collusion between corporate power and government, and oppose systemic inequality, militarization, environmental destruction and the erosion of civil liberties and human rights. We seek economic security, genuine equality, and the protection of the environment for all.


[1] Apparently they must approach the committee that makes suggestions for the agenda at the daily ‘General Assembly’ where they may be assigned a time slot on the agenda.

[2] ‘Consensed’ is a neologism meaning that the group has reached consensus.

[3] Value in the political sense means that political parties see making these changes as a means to gain political power.


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