• I love Steve Carrel. However, I seem unable to find a funny movie he is in except for Little Miss Sunshine. Seriously, I have rented several of his movies lately and none of them have been remotely funny. What is up with this? Does anyone have a recommendation for a funny movie that does not rely on misogyny or toilet humour?
  • The death of Occupier Ashley yesterday at Occupy Vancouver is very sad. However, I think it is disingenuous of the City to now say the encampment must go. Drug overdoses and fatalities as they go are normal for Vancouver. Ashley died in a tent rather than a back alley. What the Occupy Vancouver movement must do is set up a supervised drug using area to minimize the risks of drug use. Trying to force the protestors out is going to result in violence.
  • I have often wondered what it is about Vancouver that causes everything to be taken to an extreme. There are Occupy encampments in countless cities yet the only one (that I am aware of) to have a death is Vancouver. It seems that the most bizarre things happen in Vancouver.

2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘is there a funny movie out there?’ edition

  1. I agree that the city is using the overdose death as an excuse. As you say, overdose deaths happen all too often in this city. But Gregor Robertson would really like the tent city to be gone. He knows voters are less and less supportive of it.

    Ashley should really have been at Insite. I’m not sure if it would be allowed to set up another safe injection site. Maybe it would be.

    Really, I have no idea what Occupy Vancouver is accomplishing by maintaining the tent city. I read the statement from them that you published in your previous post, and I could not see a link between what they say they want and camping out on the lawn of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

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