A little downward dog

We lost Molly yesterday. She was a really good dog. She came to us in April of 2007 from SAINTS. She had just had all of her teeth removed and was known her stretches. Everyone called it her the Pilates Queen. She also completely ran the show here when we had 11 dogs. They all thought she was crazy as she would bark, growl and snarl at them if they came anywhere near her.

Talk to the paw

Molly thrived here. Even though she had no teeth she insisted that she too would eat raw. We are not talking ground raw (although she did eat some of that) she wanted to eat the chicken legs and other assorted pieces of raw meaty bones. At the beginning we would feed her high quality wet food, which she would eat and then she would go and steal something from Clio the blind dog.  Eventually we dumb humans figured it out. She could strip a raw chicken leg in under 10 minutes.

Molly really didn’t bond with many of the dogs here. She did however adore Clio. I think Molly liked Clio because she was blind and she moved slowly and posed no threat to her. They were often seen cuddled together. When Madison was alive she would cuddle with the 2 of them as well.

Molly continued to do her ‘pilates’ here for the whole time. She also added to the repertoire with ‘yoga’ poses including downward dog and something I liked to call the frog. Molly thrived on attention and she loved to put on a show

Molly was quite healthy for the past 4.5 years. She did have a collapsing trachea, which got progressively worse. This week her heart started to fail and she couldn’t keep going. She has left a big hole.


4 thoughts on “Molly

  1. Chris, Deb and Angelina, I am so very sad to read of Molly’s passing. I remember when she arrived at the sanctuary – she stole my heart immediately. She was fiesty and funny and the Pilate Princess. She was so fortunate to find a forever home with you. Take care of your broken hearts, and remember her spirit is always close by.

  2. So very sorry to hear of this loss, the pics you have put up are adorable & I am sure this tiny little dog has left a huge hole in everyones hearts. Molly was a favorite of mine while she was at SAINTS and I was so happy that she went to a home that I knew she would be loved till the very end…it is just so hard & so sad when that end does arrive.

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