My mother has decided that she would like another dog. Her previous dog passed away a couple of weeks ago due to old age. As she asked, we found her a young female Maltese. We have since had her to the vet for shots and a spay. Almost immediately a discussion ensued about what to feed little Maya the Princess. My mother’s initial response was that she was not going to feed Maya raw no matter what,

Being at Casa de Shihtzustaff, Maya has been raw. She loves it. There was no way we could get her to eat her crap, extruded kibble when raw is on the menu here. Then my mother decided to pick up a book on Maltese dogs. Apparently it opens with ‘your puppy was not born in a cornfield.’ I love this book already! She is happily coming along the road to raw feeding. I told her that she could buy frozen, ground raw that is just as easy to feed as canned food.

As I am learning more about raw feeding I am even more convinced about the appropriateness of raw feeding. I recently saw the video below about how dogs who are fed kibble are in a slight state of dehydration for their entire lives. One can only imagine the stress that would place on a pet’s body. While meat is 70% moisture, dry food is just 12%. Dry food also places an extra burden on a pet’s digestive system as it must pull water to reconstitute the food to make it bioavailable. Because the food is dehydrated and extruded at a very high temperature almost all of the nutritional value is completely gone.

I have sent my mother the video. I hope it cements her decision to feed little Maya the Princess raw food!

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