Every year I am deluded into thinking Christmas will be better this year with my family. If we can just find that perfect gift or cook the perfect meal everything will flow smoothly. Yet every year I am disappointed. Sometimes we can point to a certain incident where someone drank too much or was out of control.

Everyone seems to hold it together until dinner. This year we thought everything would be fine as my sister was not going to be here for dinner (for my regular readers you will remember that my sister completely destroyed dinner last year with her temper tantrum. So it was my mother who flew off complaining that I did not brown the chicken and that it looked horrible. She then refused to eat any except a tiny piece off the wing.

Those of you who have ever been to dinner at our house will know that I cook a mean roast chicken dinner. My chickens are always good. And the chicken last night was no exception. We can always point to reasons why something happen. After 46 years, I am not sure the excuses matter to me anymore.

The ironic thing about all of this is that my mother always wants a ‘Norman Rockwell’ christmas. It has never happened and it never will. This makes me very sad for her. She has never learned to roll with life. Everything and everyone must do exactly as she wants, when she wants but she never tells us what this is. Instead she leaves us to guess and get it wrong.

One thought on “Christmas

  1. I’ve never had chicken that you’ve cooked, but that roast turkey at Thanksgiving was AMAZING.


    PS–if your mom wants a real ‘Norman Rockwell’ Christmas, she’s going to have to squeeze herself into a girdle, put on some lipstick & then serve cocktails to all the men in attendance while single-handedly cooking the entire meal herself. 😛 Ah the 50s. They were fabulous… for the *men*.

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