I hate this time of the year. There are no holidays to look forward to until Easter. I wonder how many people checked Google for the 2012 date.[1] I bet many office workers spent most of today trying to figure out how the hell they were going to get through the next 3 months without burning a lot of vacation time. Me? I chose to take it easy. I did some tasks I needed to get done and then I began to prepare for the year ahead. I archived files and generally cleaned up my electronic system. Tomorrow I will try to get rid of the stack of paper I still have on my desk from when things were crazy busy. I have a major report to finish in the next couple of weeks. Then I have another huge report and grant application due by April 1. All before Easter you will note.

I had 2 ‘great’ conversations with my mother tonight. Here it is:

Conversation #1

Mom: You and Deb really hurt our little feelings when you were here.[2]

Me: Oh, what did we do.

Mom: You didn’t say how nice the house looked. Your sister worked really hard on it.

Me: Mother, why are you inventing things to have hurt feelings over? I distinctly remember saying how nice the house looked.

Conversation #2

My mother was discussing my sister’s temper tantrum yesterday when she put away the Christmas decorations. The way my mother tells it, my sister was stomping around the house and throwing the decorations away. My mother was very upset and I could hear my sister yelling and screaming when I called yesterday.[3]

Mom: Your sister says that she put things away neatly.

Me: That is good.

Mom: I don’t believe it though. I heard her throwing stuff around. Some of it is really old and sentimental. She is lucky I didn’t have the strength to go down their and cuff her upside the head and tell her to be more careful.

Me: That was probably a good thing because she probably would have cuffed you back.

Mom: No she wouldn’t have. Well maybe she would…Anyways, I would have hit her back.

All of the dogs are good. The cat is continuing to improve. She has found her litter box and is using it! She has re-discovered the other side of the house. Deb has finally foiled in her attempt to get through the gate and take out the other cat upstairs. She is not acting as desperate as she was so we think her thyroid is more under control now. She still has cancer but things are much better!


[1] For the record, April 6 is Good Friday.

[2] She was using her little ‘child-like’ voice.

[3] Why the hell she spent time with mother after just losing her dog.


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