• I have had a difficult week. I was quite fatigued for most of it. I am feeling better though. I am not sure if I was fighting something off or it might have been my ulcerative colitis. Either way, I doubled down on the sleep and got through the week.
  • I finished one of my biggest tasks of the year at work this week. It is a combination report back on the previous year and an application for the next year. It is an insane amount of work and it takes a Herculean effort to get it to all come together. I had been working fairly steadily on it since mid-February!
  • This week the Clark Government passed back to work legislation on the teachers. In doing so they have further contributed to the erosion of workers’ rights in the province of British Columbia. This government has been doing this kind of thing since they were elected in 2001. They refuse to negotiate instead opting for the bully club. Teachers must have input into their working conditions, which, ultimately, are the learning conditions for children. I sincerely hope we have all had enough of their tactics next year and vote them out!
  • Two years in prison is all the time Graham James received for the sexual assaults of Todd Holt and Theoren Fleury. The Toronto Star reports that Holt and Fleury endured ‘hundreds’ of assaults. If we are conservative and say that each man was subjected to 150 assaults each for a total of 300 it means that James is serving 2.43 days for each assault. Nowhere near enough time in my mind. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I can tell you that it takes years in therapy to work through it and come out somewhat functional on the other side. James is a predator and should be labeled a dangerous offender so that he never sees the outside again.

2 thoughts on “Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘number 2’ edition

  1. UC can leave me quite drained, as it were. I’ve been trying to fit in exercise more and more, as my body will allow. >< Although building muscle back up has proven more difficult than I expected… take care~

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