Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘I am on vacation’ edition

–       The last 3 months seem to have just flown by. I have been super-busy at work with grant applications and reports. I have been feeling remarkably well which has made the workload manageable. I always seem to see getting to Easter as a major accomplishment. I hate that there are no statutory holidays between January and April.

–       Ruby is fitting in well. She is such a sweet dog. She is completely addicted to ‘beggin strips.’ Her little body positively vibrates when she knows one is coming her way. I love watching dogs who have had nothing or very little their entire lives begin to embrace life at The Swamp. Every meal is an opportunity to let them know that they are loved. Yesterday she had cooked turkey and her tail never stopped wagging the entire time she was eating it. She is going to see the groomer on Monday. We are hoping they can get her clean. Her belly seems to have embedded dirt in the skin. I will post pictures once she comes back!

–       As the years go by, I have to say that I really dislike our neighbours. They are always imposing some sort of noise on us. This weekend it was parties with very loud music on both Friday and Saturday night. Then there is the almost never-ending barking of their dog. Even weekday evenings we are not immune as they sit outside and talk very loudly. I can’t imagine going through life and being that entitled. I can’t wait for another summer of pool parties…